How fast is the VelociRaptor drive?

How fast is the VelociRaptor drive?

Posted by richard | November 21, 2008 | Development, Misc, Virtualization

So I splurged recently and picked up one of the new Western Digital 300GB SATA VelociRaptor drives. I also happened to be in Las Vegas, and there was a Fry’s nearby. I think that was the cause, and the effect was me ending up with the drive, but I digress. Every so often, I wonder how fast my various 5400, 7200, and 10000 RPM drives are, especially taking USB 2.0 and ESATA into account. I downloaded the latest version of HDTach and went to work with my not-very-scientific performance tests:

Hard Drive Random Access CPU Utilization Average Read Burst Speed
Internal Hitachi 100GB 7200RPM 16.8 ms 3 % 41.3 MB/s 114.6 MB/s
External 5400RPM (USB) 17.9 ms 13 % 32.8 MB/s 36.2 MB/s
External 750GB 7200RPM (USB) 13.9 ms 0 % 34.7 MB/s 35.1 MB/s
External 750GB 7200RPM (ESATA) 13.6 ms 4 % 66.9 MB/s 90.4 MB/s
External 300GB 10000RPM VelociRaptor (ESATA) 7.3 ms 4 % 80.0 MB/s 88.9 MB/s

  Hardware used: Dell D820 laptop, 4gb RAM, Windows XP/SP2

BTW – the numbers in bold make me happy, and here’s the graphic that went along with the final test (the VelociRaptor drive):


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