Visual Studio 2010

Posted by | March 31, 2010
Sam Guckenheimer and Ken Schwaber discuss the Professional Scrum Developer program on Channel 9

Ken Schwaber, co-inventor of Scrum, and Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner for Visual Studio discuss the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program around Visual Studio 2010. PSD includes a unique and...

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Posted by | March 30, 2010
Q&A Brian Harry Discusses ALM and Team Development in VS2010

I just found this article in Visual Studio magazine where they interviewed Brian Harry (Microsoft Technical Fellow and Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server). Brian talks about testing, data...

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Posted by | March 29, 2010
Boise Code Camp 2010 Rocked!

I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out with my fellow developers, speakers, and hungry-minds at the Boise Code Camp. Here are a few photos and a small...

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Posted by | March 15, 2010
ASP.NET MVC 2 Released

ASP.NET MVC 2 is a framework for developing highly testable and maintainable Web applications by leveraging the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. The framework encourages developers to maintain a clear separation of...

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Posted by | March 11, 2010
Be among the first to get Visual Studio 2010 Professional

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional will launch on April 12. You should secure your copy today by pre-ordering at the (very affordable) estimated retail price of $549, a savings of...

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Posted by | March 4, 2010
No Branch by Label in TFS 2010

This came up today during a presentation I was giving. I didn’t realize you couldn’t do this from the new Branches in 2010. I did some research and wanted to...

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Posted by | February 5, 2010
Test Scribe for TFS 2010

This tool popped-up today during our Scrum Developer trainer-prep in Sydney. One of the teams decided to be over-achievers and delivered their test cases (and results) in a nice Word...

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Posted by | December 17, 2009
Lower Alabama .NET User Group

I was in Mobile Alabama for the week talking Team System and got invited to the Lower Alabama .NET User Group (LANUG) to speak on VS 2010 and TDD. This...

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Posted by | October 29, 2009
Unit Testing and Test Driven Development in Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

I’ll be presenting a talk on Unit Testing and TDD using Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 in Mobile, Alabama next month. If you are in the area, please join us at...

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Posted by | October 19, 2009

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the Database, er Development edition of VSTS 2008. Of course I’m running the GDR-R2 version which really changed the architecture of the...

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