Unit Testing

Posted by | April 30, 2012
Running nUnit in a TFS11 build on 64 bit server

Overview In TFS/VS 11, frameworks other than MS Test are supported, which is cool. Peter Provost mentions them here. OK, so you start to use this great new feature, queue...

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Posted by | December 10, 2010
Top 5 Reasons to use VS Database Projects

There is a traditional resistance to using database projects – the production system is the reference point, and I have a backup, so what is the problem, right? Since the...

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Posted by | March 10, 2009
Team Foundation Adapters Project

I'm pleased to announce that the Team Foundation Adapters project is up and running on CodePlex. The project description is as follows: Team Foundation Adapters make it easier to do...

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Posted by | November 26, 2008
Yet Another Use of a Unit Test Framework

Believe me, I understand TDD. I grok it. It is in my soul. I also happen to believe (and know from experience) that unit test frameworks are valuable far beyond...

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