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Posted by | September 19, 2012
Useful TFS Links

I have just finished delivering a Team Foundation Course today, and we had some great discussions around TFS Administration, upgrading, adoption etc. As usual, there is a whole pile of...

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Posted by | April 30, 2012
Running nUnit in a TFS11 build on 64 bit server

Overview In TFS/VS 11, frameworks other than MS Test are supported, which is cool. Peter Provost mentions them here. OK, so you start to use this great new feature, queue...

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Posted by | February 29, 2012
TFS2010 Build output to a Custom Folder Structure

How to output TFS2010 build output to a subfolder The scenario that exists is that I need to build a more detailed tree structure in the build output. I was...

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Posted by | January 23, 2012
Thought for today: TFS build agents are like shared, network printers

Here’s your thought for the day: Think of Team Foundation Build build agents like shared, network printers in a large enterprise. Each printer can be assigned one or more tags...

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Posted by | June 15, 2010
Tech-Ed 2010 Presentations

Thank you to everyone who attended my talks at Tech-Ed 2010 last week in New Orleans. I had a great time talking Scrum, Visual Studio 2010, and all intersections in-between....

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Posted by | January 14, 2009
Inside the Microsoft Build Engine

There has been a vacuum of really good, actionable information on MS Build and Team Foundation Build for developers. I’m pleased to report that this is no longer the case!...

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Posted by | December 11, 2008
Which Edition of Visual Studio 2008 to Install on Team Foundation Build 2008?

I finally took the time to put together a chart showing which edition of Visual Studio needs to be installed on the Team Build server to achieve specific features. As...

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Posted by | November 29, 2008
Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder

When looking at FinalBuilder and Team Foundation Build side by side, the obvious breakdown in features and advantages looks like this. Team Foundation Build provides a complete build solution with...

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Posted by | November 25, 2008
Team Build Target Map

Team_Build_Target_Map1.docx (22.73 KB) I had the good fortune of reviewing the upcoming book titled Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build. This book is an absolute...

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Posted by | September 16, 2008
Shelving is the June Cleaver of TFS Source Control

Ever notice that no matter what shenanigans Beaver would get into, June always believed everything was fine? No matter how many scotches Ward had after dinner, there was no problem,...

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