SQL Server

Posted by | December 4, 2006
Visiting the Iowa .NET User Group this week

I'm honored to be speaking at the Iowa .NET User Group this week. My topic will be on SQL Server 2005 for Developers. If you are in the area, please...

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Posted by | November 9, 2006
I got connected at Connections!

I'm back home now, but had a total blast at DevConnections in Las Vegas this week. I saw many friends and colleagues who I hadn't seen for awhile. I was...

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Posted by | October 30, 2006
Hitchhiker''s Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server

Although I don't have their newest (7th edition) book yet, I plan on picking it up. From what I've read at the site, the Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and...

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Posted by | October 30, 2006
Thanks for attending Seattle Code Camp 2.0

Although the venue was changed at the last minute (to better digs at DigiPen) and my colleague Steven Borg bailed out to have a kid (that still hasn't come yet),...

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Posted by | October 27, 2006
The ultimate guide to SQL Server''s datetime datatype

I happened upon this article, which summarizes the datetime datatype and how it works in SQL Server, including common pitfalls and general recommendations. The site is run by Tibor Karaszi a fellow...

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Posted by | October 26, 2006
See you at ''camp this weekend in Seattle

That's right. Seattle Code Camp 2.0 is upon us, with a late-breaking venue change ... Camp will be held at Nintendo's DigiPen Univeristy, which is very near the Microsoft Campus. Consultants from...

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Posted by | October 6, 2006
Talking SQL at the Spokane .NET User Group

I enjoyed traveling to Spokane (I have family there) and presenting to the Spokane .NET User Group (SNUG?) on various SQL Server 2005 T-SQL, engine, and data type enhancement topics. This was...

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Posted by | July 30, 2006
So, what are your SQL Server "Worst Practices"

Peter DeBetta and I are going to have fun putting together a presentation on "worst practices", and by doing so we will be illustrating the "best practices". Look for us...

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Posted by | July 22, 2006
Updated SQL Server 2005 Books Online (BOL) and Samples

Thanks to my colleague Kalen Delaney for letting us know that the BOL and Samples have been updated. Download your updates today!

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Posted by | June 29, 2006
Roll Your Own SQL Server 2005 Database Diagrams

A friend of mine, John Paul Cook, has tricked out SQL Server 2005 database diagrams to show more than just relationships between tables. Read the DevX article and download the...

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