Posted by | March 26, 2006
Finally, a hotel that gets it!

So, I just checked in to this cool, swank hotel in Athens called Semiramis. Aside from the bright pink glass doors, see-through bathroom walls, and symbol-coded rooms (no room numbers),...

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Posted by | February 20, 2006
Software Configuration Management Patterns

Yep. I had to read the title twice myself, but there appears to be many good papers and even a book on the subject. Thanks to Ted Neward for the information.

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Posted by | February 18, 2006
Design your own South Park character

Visit this site to make your own custom South Park character!

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Posted by | February 11, 2006
For the love of Anagrams

I'm in a weird mood today, so I'll challenge you to see if you can rearrange the letters of NEW DOOR to make one word?

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Posted by | January 20, 2006
Upgraded to dasBlog 1.8

You may have noticed a bit different look (and feel). I decided to get current on dasBlog, so I downloaded the latest from SourceForge.

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Posted by | January 12, 2006
Jury Duty

Yep, I've got it this week. Had to go in on Monday, sit in a room with 300 other citizens and then get told that the prosecuting attorney was ill....

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Posted by | December 16, 2005
Con artist Design Patterns from the Gang of Twelve

2013-08-28 18:36:39

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Posted by | November 25, 2005
Seen the "Big Ad" from Carlton Draught (beer)?

Since it's a holiday and I'm posting fun links today ... Take a moment and watch this beer commercial. It's hilarious.

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Posted by | November 23, 2005
Thank you for attending the Dubai SQL Server 2005 launch!

I enjoyed very much visiting your country, meeting you, and presenting my favorite developer topics on SQL Server 2005. Feel free to download the demos here and the slides here....

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Posted by | September 29, 2005
AJAX on the high sees

Channel 9 has picked up the Scott Cate's AJAX video. Yes, that's me chillin in the background!

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