Posted by | September 4, 2009
Microsoft releases SharePoint Application Development guidance

The Developing SharePoint Applications guidance helps architects and developers design and build applications that are both flexible and scalable. It shows developers how to provide IT professionals with the information...

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Posted by | September 3, 2009
MSDN Presents: The Next Generation Client Experience

Join Microsoft and your fellow developers September 15, 2009 for an afternoon at the Overland Park Cinemas exploring the next generation of client experience from a developer’s point of view....

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Posted by | August 29, 2009
Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)

I’ve been hearing about these type of government contracts more and more lately. I guess they’ve been around for years, but just maybe getting more popular in the circles I...

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Posted by | August 17, 2009
Silverlight Fire Starter event coming to Redmond/Online Sep 17th

Microsoft is hosting a Silverlight 3.0 Fire Starter event in Redmond, WA on the 17th of September. The event has a spectacular speaker line-up with Scott Guthrie keynoting the event...

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Posted by | July 23, 2009
Download Microsoft Expression Studio 3 Trial

It’s released, but not yet available for MSDN subscribers. That said, you can download the Trial Edition and get your hands on it. My understanding is that you can product...

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Posted by | July 10, 2009
Developers Developers Developers Developers Book

There’s a new book out (download or Lulu) which blends content from Microsoft's {You Shape} It campaign. Developers Developers Developers Developers is a free download and released under a Creative...

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Posted by | May 19, 2009
Realizing Quality Improvement Through TDD

I was talking TDD with Doug Seven at Tech-Ed last week. He gave a great presentation on Agile Development with Team System 2010. Afterward we were brainstorming on ways to...

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Posted by | May 19, 2009
Altova DiffDog now Supports Database Differencing

I met up with the Altova folks last week at Tech-Ed and asked about any cool improvements or features in their 2009 version of DiffDog It turns out there are...

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Posted by | January 14, 2009
Quote of the day

"Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning" -Anonymous

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Posted by | November 29, 2008
My First VSTO Application – BeSure

If you exchange email with me on a regular basis, you know that I am the king of email faux pas. I regularly do things like this: Use CNTRL+Enter to...

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