Posted by | March 15, 2017
Create a Professional Scrum process

Visual Studio Team Services' customization capabilities are to a point now where I can write this blog post ... as a rebuttal to any earlier post of my own. Since...

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Posted by | September 30, 2016
Wassup Team Room?

According to Microsoft's official definition, Team Rooms, like chat rooms, "provide teams with a space to discuss work in progress, ask questions, share status, and clarify issues that arise." Sounds...

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Posted by | August 15, 2016
Ordering the Product Backlog by ROI

The Scrum Guide says that the Product Owner is the sole person responsible for managing the Product Backlog and that Product Backlog management includes ordering items in the Product Backlog...

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Posted by | June 13, 2016
Stakeholder Traceroute

I'm always amazed at how difficult and even impossible it can be for stakeholders to get their ideas into some product backlogs. I've started asking teams to run a stakeholder...

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Posted by | December 15, 2015
Storyboard your ideas in PowerPoint for free

Update (April 2016): Microsoft has released Office Integration 2015 Update 2. With the recent release of Team Foundation Server Update 1, Microsoft has enabled all users to create storyboards in PowerPoint...

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Posted by | November 4, 2015
Microsoft, please give us a Scrum process template

In 2014, the Scrum Guide was moved off of and posted to At the same time, all of the major Scrum organizations in the world acknowledged this as...

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Posted by | September 21, 2015
Dude, where's my releases?

You may have noticed when creating a new Scrum team project in Visual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server 2015, that the iteration list looks a bit different. Yes, Microsoft...

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Posted by | August 17, 2015
Turn off the Diagnostics Tools window in Visual Studio 2015

I'm sure it's awesome. I'm sure it doesn't impact performance (much). I'm sure my apps would be more awesome if I used it, but ... ... today I want to...

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Posted by | August 3, 2015
Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 10 Professional

Call me weird, but when I create and maintain virtual machines for demonstration and training, I like to be in control of if/when Windows updates are installed. This is fit...

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Posted by | June 3, 2015
Visual Studio Live! in Austin

Update: Added additional links for my same talks at VSLive! in San Francisco today (17 June, 2015) Thank you to those who attended my two talks today. I enjoyed our...

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